Reusable water bottles are S’well

If I told you that 200 billion plastic bottles become landfill every year across the world, would you reconsider buying that case of Aquafina?

Other liquids like milk and soda come in plastic jugs and bottles, and there’s not much you can do about that. Water is a different story: it’s accessible on tap. All you need to provide is the vessel. So why not do it?

All of the water fountains on my campus are outfitted with spouts for refilling bottles, and it’s becoming a trend in public spaces. It’s easier than ever to phase plastic water bottles out of our lives, yet I still see students on campus all the time carrying them.

The benefits of using a reusable water bottle make it hard to find an excuse not to use one. I bought a S’well bottle in September, and I love it. It’s insulated metal, great for hot or cold drinks. If I bring tea or hot chocolate to school in the morning, it will still be warm and ready to drink when I get home in the evening. Plus, it’s a damn nice bottle.

Challenge yourself to reduce or eliminate your plastic bottle intake. And if you see me drinking from a plastic water bottle, feel free to smack it out of my hands.




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