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Save a Razor, Grow a Beard

In the spirit of voyageur culture, Manitobans ditched their razors and unleashed their woolly whiskers for Festival du Voyageur’s 34th annual Beard Growing Contest at CCFM (Centre culturel franco-manitobain) in Winnipeg, MB. Contestants competed in four different categories: the festival beard (started … Continue reading

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5 Eco-Documentaries on Netflix You Should See

Ready to hate the human race? Good, me too. These documentaries will open your eyes on topics like  bottled water, the dark side of the beef industry, and fast fashion. The truth can be inconvenient, but willful ignorance is worse. Fortunately, we are able to … Continue reading

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Reusable water bottles are S’well

If I told you that 200 billion plastic bottles become landfill every year across the world, would you reconsider buying that case of Aquafina? Other liquids like milk and soda come in plastic jugs and bottles, and there’s not much … Continue reading

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