Photo Gallery: Exploring Souris

Yesterday, three classmates and I hit the road to visit Souris, Manitoba, roughly three hours outside of Winnipeg. The first person we met there was Frank G., owner of The Rock Shop, and his therapy dog, Tanner. After learning about the rich deposits of semi-precious stones and rocks in the area, Frank inspired us to go hunting for agate, a type of quartz abundant in Souris.

The agate pit was closed for winter still, but we found an area of exposed rocks along the riverbank in Victoria Park. Stuffing rocks into our pockets and empty hats, we took them back to Frank for examination. Lor, Will, and I found agate, but Alicia found two pieces of petrified wood.

Besides rock hunting, we checked out the swinging suspension bridge that divides the town. While we were there, a majestic cat approached us and got all the pets he could handle.

The weather was beautiful, and I feel refreshed and recharged from the trip. Sometimes sustainability is about giving yourself a break from the stress of everyday life. Getting outside to explore for awhile puts everything in perspective.

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3 Responses to Photo Gallery: Exploring Souris

  1. Ms. Jonker says:

    Nice photos! Looks like an awesome day.

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