What I learned from my first DIY deodorant

You might recall a post I wrote in November about a new back-to-basics deodorant I was trying for the first time. I just finished it this week, andI figured an update was in order. Long story short: I won’t be buying it again.

The good: I liked the earthy tea tree oil scent (although it might be a negative point for others), and the deodorant actually worked.

The bad: The consistency is sticky and slimy. Also, my arm pits became red and irritated a few times. It only happened two or three times spaced out over four months, but it wasn’t pleasant.

The ugly: The irritation from the deodorant caused my skin to noticeably darken. My armpits feel pretty leathery now, just in time for tank top season. The only reason I kept using it after this happened is because I’m broke and stubborn to a fault. They honestly don’t look that bad, and they’re slowly going back to normal, but it’s still a serious negative point.

Baking soda was a main ingredient in this deodorant, which I’ve heard can irritate sensitive skin. I haven’t given up on DIY deodorant, but I think this time I’ll buy something baking soda free. Learn from my experience and tread with caution.

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