Which second-hand stores have the best prices?

This week, I was published for the first time in the college newspaper. Eleven of us went after seven stories for the Arts & Culture section, and I happened to luck out and get a story on something I was interested to research: second-hand shopping. The angle was a price comparison between different second-hand stores in the city.

Long story short, there’s a correlation between price and selection. Value Village is definitely more expensive than it used to be, but their selection trumps any other second-hand store in the city. The Salvation Army is a good middle-road choice in terms of price and selection; they are less expensive than Value Village, but more expensive than Goodwill. Goodwill has some of the cheapest prices, but their selection on clothing, shoes, and glassware is significantly smaller than their Value Village counterparts.

You can read the full story on The Projector’s website here.



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One Response to Which second-hand stores have the best prices?

  1. ashley tokaruk says:

    I loved your article. Good stuff Sav!


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