Curated Vintage, Handmade, and the beauty of Etsy

At this time of year, I like to start thinking about what to buy for my loved ones for Christmas. Like many people, I usually do the majority of my Christmas shopping at a mall. This year I’m trying to avoid buying new items as much as possible, and that raises some challenges around the holiday season.

The opportunity to start my holiday shopping presented itself to me through Facebook. The Winnipeg Etsy Street Team is hosting a curated vintage and handmade sale this Saturday. Anyone familiar with Etsy knows that it’s a great website for buying handmade and antique items from around the world. The Handmade and Vintage Sale this Saturday runs from 11 a.m to 5 p.m on 290 Dubuc Street, and local Easy sellers will be bringing their online goods to sell in-person. The event is a chance not only to buy items created by local artists, but the chance to meet the people who made them.

All the information about the event is posted on W.E.S.T.’s Facebook event. There’s a $2 admission and free parking. If you have nothing going on this Saturday, you have nothing to lose by going to check out! I’ll update my blog over the weekend to share the treasures I find!

UPDATE: I bought an upcycled necklace for my mom made out of old blue china, and an upycled pendant for myself made from a domino and illustration from an antique dictionary. Neat!

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