No-Buy Halloween Costumes

I think of Halloween as an outlet for coming up with original costume ideas. I’m a firm believer in making my own costumes, not buying them. It’s even more true this year, as I curb my spending on non-essential items.

In the past, I’ve repurposed cardboard boxes for my costumes, like when I made a Jeopardy! contestant booth. This year, I threw a zombie costume together with pieces from previous costumes I’ve worn. I challenged myself to put my costume together without buying anything new. I used to participate in the Winnipeg Zombie Walk before they cancelled it, so I had a couple items that fit in well.


This last-minute zombie outfit includes:

  • A top I bought at Value Village for a costume in 2013
  • An old camisole I ruined for a costume in 2013, after wearing for years
  • A jacket I’ve owned for three or four years
  • Worn out jeans I cut up for a costume in 2012
  • A pair of tights I ripped up (they had a massive run anyway)
  • A pair of Converse

I have a good stock of Halloween makeup to pull of this look, so I won’t need to buy any of that either. I’ll be sure to add a photo once I wear this costume tomorrow!

If you’re against the idea of rewearing a costume, you still have options.

  • Buy a second-hand costume. Value Village has plenty, but it’s a real treasure hunt to find something you like. Kijiji also has a lot of options, especially at this time of year.
  • Borrow from a friend. This could be a whole costume, or a specific piece like wings or a wig. You could hypothetically build a whole costume from borrowed odds and ends (I might challenge myself to try this next year).
  • Repurpose. Turn old clothes you don’t wear into costume, either by sewing them into something new, or in my case, shredding them up for a tattered, zombie look.

Happy Halloween! Wherever you end up this weekend, have fun and be safe!

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