Anything but Conservative

Topical Sav isn’t a political-themed blog, but with the Canadian federal election just days away, I felt like I should add my voice to the conversation and speak for someone who has no voice: the planet.

Politics can be a touchy subject. Hardly anyone is willing to change their view once it’s forged. Casual political debates among friends quickly become real, heated conflicts. Everyone has their own view and they tend to stick with it to the death.

I’m not here to force my political view on anyone. I’m just here to point out that when it comes to environmental policy, the Conservatives have dropped the fucking ball.

It should be the responsibility of the government to protect and sustain the environment for future generations. The Conservative government has proven in their near-decade in power that they are no friend to the environment. Let’s take a quick look at the big ones:

  • Repealed the Environmental Assessment Act entirely
  • Gutted The Navigable Waters Protection Act. This opens many areas that were previously protected for development and pipeline construction.
  • Signed and then withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol
  • Muzzled environmental scientists from discussing their findings

To those of you who don’t plan to vote, I urge you to reconsider. You don’t have to fully agree with a party’s policies (I know I don’t), but when you don’t vote, you’re proving that you really don’t care either way about the environment, or which way our country is going to go for years to come. This Monday, Oct. 19, 2015, take some time out of your day to go and vote.

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